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If you need a repair, installation or maybe a full place refurbishment, we've got you covered. B&R Cleaners and its team work round the clock responding to any kind of commercial or domestic emergency service requirement. We're always open and can get a technician to your door within the hour. Our company is a reliable and friendly one, serving businesses across Sydney and surrounding areas.

Our Environment-Friendly Services:

We work with our experienced team of operatives trained with essential skills ranging from plumbing, carpentry and electrical solutions to traditional window cleaning and commercial cleaning services in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Climate change and caring for the environment is a key topic these days and since our inception, we have been among the pioneers of environment-friendly cleaning.

We've founded a successful, family run business that delivers high quality, eco-friendly cleaning, and maintenance services to residential and commercial properties, housing associations, estate agents and more.

Our Eco-Friendly Products and Tools:

Sydney’s social consciousness has shifted toward sustainability, green and sharing economies, and this has increased demand for green services. No longer do we have to choose between an effective product and a green one; now they are one and the same, and we are happy to make them available to our clients.

To our clients, we always suggest using traditional and environmentally friendly cleaning products first. Even if you decide on using regular cleaning products, we are always happy to present environment-friendly alternatives to you.

Thus, we work as per the Green Cleaning Standards. Thus, you can safely entrust your property and your time to our team. We make sure the premises are left tidy even after the messiest of jobs and we strive to be as non-intrusive as physically possible

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