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Concrete Flooring

Natural Stones add value and style to any commercial or residential property. Despite the fact that they are one of the most durable and long lasting types of flooring, over time their finish wears out, cracks and deteriorates. Additionally, cleaning with unsuitable compounds is another factor that can lead to a dent in their appearance. It is essential to take proper care of them in order to increase their lifespan and retain their gloss for a long time.

The growing popularity of concrete floors in Sydney:

Concrete is the most enduring and reliable of all materials. Its resilience has a history of appealing industries, and its everlasting sleek exterior has evoked its rise in fashion for domestic designs. Concrete floors are almost impossible to damage; from the legs of household furniture to the slow, relentless traffic of heavyweight vehicles. These assets, combined with its low maintenance, and eco-friendly benefits make it the perfect choice of flooring for the modern world.

B&R Cleaners and Its Services For Concrete Floors:

In B&R Cleaners, we aim to provide a professional and reliable service to our customers for every project we undertake. Our highly skilled tradesman will lay your polished concrete floor to the highest standard leaving your floor looking amazing. We offer our services all around Sydney. We provide professional services for residential and commercial customers. No matter what project you have in mind, we will get the job well done. If your floor is worn, dull or discolored, we will restore it to look bright and inviting. Retaining a high level of quality workmanship, our technicians will spruce up your floors with great care.

Our services include:

  • Cleaning and restoration
  • Floor sanding
  • Wood flooring
  • Marble renovation
  • Stone floor polishing
  • Polishing the majority of concrete hard floors subject to survey
  • Concrete polished to a variety of sheen levels
  • Optional stain protection

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