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Spring Cleaning Checklist

“Hush, Can you hear it? The rustling in the grass, Bringing you the welcome news Winter's day is past…”

Spring means new life. Spring means freshness. Spring means new colors. After the severe winter bleakness the nature welcomes spring with open arms. So do us. We get rid of the things that are unwanted in our living spaces and surroundings and get ourselves afresh for a new beginning.

After days and months of the frost and chill, the windows are thrown open. Light and bright curtains hung. Fresh, breathable upholsteries are brought out. Every corner to look cheerful and renewed with positive spirit. The task for Spring Cleaning a house may sound daunting, but if allotted and distributed wisely it can be a fun project. To get things done systematically and to make sure every corner is attended, it is sensible to make a checklist and go by it.

  • To make a checklist divide the rooms of the house, and divide the tasks in each of these rooms.
  • Read through the tips and techniques available on the net for safe and quick cleaning and customize it according to your needs.
  • You need to keep in mind that it is NOT a “one weekend” project. Be realistic in your planning and schedule your task according to your timings.
  • Do not work haphazardly, start from a particular corner of the house - an attic, or the basement or the last bedroom of the house, and work wind your way to the other parts.
  • Always keep safety as your priority. Use protective gears and allot easy tasks to children that does not involve any risk of accidents.

Here is a compressed checklist that you might useful for consulting while preparing your own. Remember it is better to work your way down. This reduces the task of redoing the surfaces that are lying below.


  • Dust the fixtures, fittings, door knobs and switch plates.
  • Wash the doors and windows, inside out
  • Wash the walls and its trims.
  • Remove cobwebs and dust corners
  • Empty the coat closet and any other closet and air them.
  • Sort out seasonal items and replace them with ones that you might need in the coming days
  • Clean the furnishing
  • Clean or replace the door mats
  • Sweep and scrub floor, reseal grouts.
  • Polish any wooden surface.


  • Open windows and dust them.
  • Clean the glass panes inside out, wash the sills and screens.
  • Clear all drawers and closet.
  • De clutter them.
  • Fold and keep all that is needed.
  • Sort out the unwanted items, either for garage storage or donation.
  • Dust the furniture.
  • Remove the bed, dust and vacuum underneath it and replace.
  • Fresh the mattress.
  • Launder the bedding and upholstery, replace with fresh ones.
  • Wash the switch plates and wall.
  • Wash and clan all mirrored surface.
  • Dust and clean all table and counter tops.
  • Wash door and the knobs.
  • Wash and clean floor.
  • Vacuum or shampoo clean the carpet.


  • Open the windows and remove any screens.
  • Wash and clean thoroughly.
  • Clean air vents and exhaust fans.
  • Empty all cabinets and de-clutter them.
  • Throw away expired products.
  • Replace used towels.
  • Clean the washing machine, unclog the draining pipe, remove scum.
  • Wash and disinfect the cabinets and closets.
  • Clean the shower area.
  • Remove scum, wash faucet and shower head.
  • Clean the shower door, curtain and replace the lining.
  • Wash and clean the toilet.
  • Remember to clean the rim, underside and the bowl.
  • Disinfect them
  • Wash and clean all faucets and sink.
  • Scrub and clean the tub.
  • Wash the wall and trims.
  • Wash and clean the lights and fixtures.
  • Clear the drain, and trash can.
  • Scrub and wash the floor, paying attention to the grouts and corners.
  • Re-seal if necessary.
  • Dry the floor and use a freshener.


  • Open windows, remove any screens, wash and clean thoroughly.
  • Clean the air vent and exhaust system.
  • Wash the kitchen doors and door knobs.
  • Clear the cabinets and drawers.
  • Organize them and remove items that are not needed.
  • Replace the kitchen laundry with fresh ones.
  • Wipe and clean the cabinet surface and knobs.
  • Wash and clean all the counter tops and cutting boards.
  • Clean and organize the pantry remove any product that has passed the expiry date.
  • Clean oven, stove top, microwave, toaster, blender, mixer and any other gadgets.
  • Clean and clear the fridge.
  • Defrost and remove stale items.
  • Clean dishwasher, remove scum.
  • Wash the kitchen backsplash and counter.
  • Wash the lights, fixtures, switch plates, trims and walls.
  • Scrub and wash floors, reseal the grouts if necessary.


Open windows, clean the glass panes. Take down the drapes and replace with fresh ones. Remove cobwebs and dust the corners. Dust and clean furniture and shelves. Spot clean sofas if required Lander the upholstery and replace with fresh ones Clean the lights and fixtures, switch plates, walls and trims Polish wooden surfaces. Clean and dust any gadgets in the room Tidy any electrical wiring Sort and tidy any magazines, books and toys lying around. Donate what you do not need anymore. Clean the china and decors Shine any metal decors and silver wares Vacuum and air the carpet or rugs. Wash and clean floors. Decorate with fresh flowers!! OUTSIDE Wash the exteriors, clear from any cobwebs. Polish any metal trimmings. Paint the door if needed. Clean the door mat, replace if necessary. POINT TO BE NOTED Clean the fans and air-conditioners Do not overlook the stairways, garage and attic. You can always finish the task with a little support from you family, if not get help from a professional cleaner.