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Restaurant And Cafe Cleaning Checklist

A cluttered and dirty eatery is a big put off for its customers. Maintaining cleanliness is a must to maintain the health standards by which every commercial food outlets are regulated. Frequent inspections are held by the Public Health and Safety Authorities, as well as the food department to monitor and maintain these standards.

Professional cleaning is almost mandatory for commercial eating outlets at least annually for that thorough cleaning with heavy duty equipment and cleaning agents. Along with it regular cleaning is a must, for the benefit of the health of the workers and the visitors.

Preparing a checklist helps in getting things more organized and also helps in enhancing the efficiency. It avoids redoing a particular task and also missing out on another. The checklists here cover almost all aspects of restaurant and café cleaning, however you can alter and customize them as per the size of your eatery, your work force and needs.

RESTAURANT DAILY CLEANING CHECKLIST –  It is advisable to create two separate checklists for a restaurant. One each for the front house and another for the kitchen and the back house as the cleaning requirements are varied and extensive 


  • Clean the entry of the restaurant, sweep and mop the floor
  • Clean the door mats
  • Clean the door, door knob and door track and wipe off any stains and spots on the glass surface.
  • Dust and clean the booths, tables and chairs
  • Spot clean any stains and pick up any debris
  • Clean the counters and wipe off any stains and spots
  • Clean the counter walls
  • Clean the host/ cashier section, keep it need and organized
  • Restock the host/cashier section with needed items
  • Dust the liquor shelves and organize the bottles
  • Clean the trash bins, replace liners
  • Reset the trash bins at strategic points
  • Wipe and clean the outside of the refrigerated displays and keep them organized
  • Vacuum the carpets and lift off the debris and dust
  • Wash and clean the customers’ restrooms Clean and disinfect the toilet
  • Wipe and clean the mirrors
  • Wipe and clean the door and door knobs
  • Restock the washroom utilities
  • Clean the air vents
  • Use a deodorizer
  • Dust and clean all the lights, light switches, fixtures and décor
  • Clean the air vents
  • Wash and clean the windows, window sills and window tracks
  • Dust off any planter
  • Dust and clean all shelves
  • Clean the menu cards, wipe any spills and stains
  • Keep the cutlery drawers organized and restock cutlery
  • Keep the linen drawer organized and restock fresh linen
  • Keep the glass and china organized and restock clean china


  • Clean the each and every frequently used kitchen equipment after single use (blender, juicer, meat slicer, kettle, toaster, holding oven, waffle, grill etc.)
  • Clean the microwave oven and the freezer at the end of the day
  • Clear the sink and clean it of any debris
  • Unclog the drain, clean and sanitize the sink after the day
  • Clean the refrigeration unit, meat drawer, ice machine, steam table, cutting boards and every working space daily after a shift
  • Clean the dishwasher and the dish area
  • Clean and empty the laundry machine
  • Clear the working space after the day
  • Wipe and clean the walls
  • Empty garbage cans sanitize and replace liners
  • Mop and clean the floor
  • Clean and sanitize the employee restrooms
  • Empty the trash bin, ashtrays and replace liners
  • Restock the utilities
  • Clean the light and light switches
  • Mop and clean the floor
  • Clean the door and door knobs


  • Clean and clear the entrance from any clutter
  • Dust any planters
  • Wipe and clean the door, door knob and the glass surface
  • Wipe and clean the windows, window ledges and glass panes
  • Dust the blinds
  • Air and dust the door mats
  • Wipe and clean the tables and chairs
  • Wipe and clean the counter tops, counter walls
  • Vacuum clean the carpet to pick up any debris, crusts and crumbs
  • Spot clean the carpet for any spills
  • Dust the glass stand and keep the glasses in line
  • Wipe and clean the cappuccino machine, coffee machine and pop fountain
  • Dust and wipe the liquor cabinet before arranging the bottles
  • Restock the machines
  • Check linen drawer and restock
  • Check the cereals and shelves, reorganize and restock
  • Clean the outside of the milk machine and juicer, wipe the spills and drips
  • Organize the server fridge
  • Restock the window counter if any
  • Wipe and clean any signs and banners
  • Clean the lights, switches, fixtures and décor
  • Mop and clean floor and entrance