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Pub Cleaning Checklist

It takes as little as 30 seconds for a customer to determine whether to enter a pub or to choose another. Unclean entrances, bad odor and foul ambience is a big put off for any business, as well as a pub. Especially when there are ample competition around. Keeping a bar or a pub clean is a daily affair also to meet the standards of the food and health department. It helps in maintaining the safety of the visiting customers as well the employees of the business too. It is advisable to allot cleaning tasks to each and every staff of the organization so that it becomes easier to handle and ensures that it is done efficiently. Maintaining a checklist to be followed by the staffs and signing along after completion of their cleaning tasks, guarantees that everyone gets to see all the duties are performed regularly and helps the manager in monitoring the tasks.

Here is a pub cleaning checklist that you can follow for daily cleaning for your pub, once at the time of opening and another at closing time. You can obviously customize it as per your needs and size of your business.


  • Review the entrance and clean it off any litter
  • Brush and air the door mats
  • Dust and clean any banners and hoardings
  • Dust and clean lights and fixtures
  • Dust and clean the wall décor and picture frames
  • Straighten tables and chairs
  • Check the ice machines and soda fountains
  • Replace clean glassware in their respective shelves
  • Check and stack accessories like bottle openers, corkscrews etc. where handy
  • Clean and refill the coffee and tea machines
  • Clean and stack dip bowls and snack plates
  • Clean and stack cutleries
  • Clear and clean the bar areas Restock the garnishes
  • Dust all visible surfaces
  • Dust and wipe all glass surfaces
  • Clean the furniture from dust and debris
  • Mop clean and dry floor, spot clean any spills and dry thoroughly
  • Clean light switch plates and make sure that the exhaust system is working fine.
  • Clean the toilets
  • Clean the toilet light, fixtures and fittings
  • Clean sink and faucet
  • Refill all dispensers
  • Disinfect toilet bowls
  • Clean washroom door and door knob
  • Mop clean floor and dry thoroughly


  • Put away dirty linen and rags for laundry
  • Wipe, wash and sanitize all surfaces
  • Put dirty glassware in the dishwasher and run it
  • Dispose used and unused garnishes
  • Clean the coffee, tea, soda machines
  • Remove and wash the floor mats
  • Sweep and mop the bar area
  • Sweep and mop the entire floor
  • Lock the entrances and set alarms.


  • Dusting of high reached areas
  • cleaning of window glasses and blinds
  • sanitization of countertops
  • cleaning of the exhaust system
  • sanitization of the washrooms
  • washing the mats and shampooing of carpets
  • shining of brass and silver ware

These are basic guidelines for keeping an organization clean, safe and healthy for its visitors and the employees to stay a larger part of the day working in its environment. Make sure that you get your employees understand the importance of keeping your pub clean.

Whether you are allocating the task to them or maintaining janitorial staff to get cleaning tasks done, ensure that they maintain a checklist that they can maintain to get things done more efficiently and a part of their daily habit.