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End of Lease Cleaning Checklist

Nowadays the house owners change their tenants frequently and it becomes difficult to find a good and appropriate change. Most of the owners seek reference for renting out his property. It is for this reason and also to get your bond money back, a thorough end of the lease cleaning is necessary. The purpose of end of lease cleaning is to leave the rented house in a state you found, when it was leased out to you.

Many of us seek professional end of lease cleaning to avoid wasting time, but it is not a mandatory requirement. If you plan well in advance you can start the cleaning methodically and save a lot of money. Leaving your rented property clean and shining will get your bond money back faster and even a good referral from your house owner.

End of lease cleaning gets easier as most of the furniture are already moved and thus out of the way. Preparing a checklist for end of lease cleaning helps in keeping a tab, that every space of the house has been catered to and nothing has been left unattended.

For checklist preparation divide the task fitting in every room and space of the house, and then every individual corner that needs attention. This breaking down of tasks makes it easier to plan and handle. An end of lease checklist is just the right tool to attack the mission and make it more manageable. Set a time limit for each corner of the house and with the checklist in hand make sure it is a race against time.

Here is a complete end of lease cleaning checklist which might come in handy while preparing one for yourself.


  • Dust and clean all visible surfaces
  • Wipe and clean the door, door knobs.
  • Give the doors a wash if required.
  • Wipe and clean the windows and window frames.
  • Dust the blinds, and wash the screens
  • Wash the window panes
  • Clean and clear the window and door tracks
  • Remove the cobwebs
  • Dust and clean the lights and fixtures and all other power points.
  • Clean the ceiling fan, exhaust fans and air vents
  • Clean the wardrobes, cabinets and drawers
  • Dust and wipe all the reachable surfaces
  • Clean and polish the mirrors and all glass surfaces
  • Clean the air-conditioners and make sure that the filters are clear Wash and clean the walls from any spots or stains
  • Wash and clean the skirting boards
  • Vacuum the carpet thoroughly
  • Vacuum and mop clean the floors
  • Wipe and clean the balustrades
  • Wipe and polish any metal trimmings from hand prints


  • Wash and clean the sink and faucets thoroughly
  • Make sure that the drain pipe is unclogged
  • Clean the shower area, remove scum
  • Treat the area for any mold growth
  • Clean the shower head, faucet and walls
  • Thoroughly clean the toilets and sanitize them
  • Wash and clean the walls
  • Clean all the light, switches and the other fixtures
  • Clean all the dispensers and trays
  • Clean the closets and cabinets inside out
  • Clean and polish the mirrors
  • Wash and clean the door, door knob and windows
  • Clear and clean the window and door tracks
  • Remove and clean any plastic curtain or cover
  • Clear the air vents, clean the exhaust fan
  • Clean the washing machine, clear the filter
  • Clean and clear the clothes dryer
  • Clean and sanitize the laundry tub
  • Mop and clean the floors, spot clean the grouts


  • Clean and sanitize all working surfaces
  • Clean the kitchen splashback
  • Clear and clean the outside and inside of the cabinets, closets and drawers
  • Degrease and clean the rangehood and stove top
  • Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the microwave oven and the dishwasher
  • Wash the walls and clear from any spots and stains
  • Clear and clean the sink and faucets
  • Clean the light, switches, exhaust fans and other fixtures
  • Wash and clean the door and windows
  • Vacuum clean and mop the floor thoroughly

After you have covered every area inside the house, pay attention to any balcony, porch, entrance and garage.

Hope you find this end of lease checklist useful. Wish you a happy move on.

  • Remove cobwebs
  • Wash and clean the walls to remove any major stain
  • Clean the light, fixtures and switches
  • Clean the front door, garage door
  • Wipe and polish any metal trims
  • Sweep and mop the floors