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Daily House Cleaning Checklist

A chore is a chore when it is made to be a chore. Cleaning is a major daily chore around a house. Messes do not follow a schedule and so you cannot follow a fixed schedule for cleaning. What you can do is get yourself organized by fitting a cleaning schedule within your normal routine so that the chores do not pile up at the end of the day or at weekends.


Getting your house cleaned, includes washing dishes, doing the laundry, keeping the kitchen and bathrooms clean, keeping the floors clean, keeping things organized and more. To get all these done, fix slots along the day allotted for certain tasks. For example you can set three different time slots for getting the chores done: Morning, Afternoon and Night. You can allot yourself different set of jobs that you would like to get done in the morning, late in the afternoon, or at night, or as per your choice. This will help you to get a clear idea of what remains to do done and any pending task which is in the threat of getting piled up.


Another efficient way of getting things done competently is preparing a checklist. Categorize the cleaning chores around the house. You can do this on the basis of your rooms, your priority or your preference. Here is a guide for preparing a daily house cleaning checklist.

Kitchens are the energy source of the house. Keeping the kitchen clean is a must to maintain the health of the house. Daily kitchen cleaning reduces the accumulation of grime and dirt, which simultaneously reduces the time for monthly kitchen cleaning, and also infestation of pests. For daily kitchen cleaning the checklist that you will need is very simple and short, and it includes:

  • Clear and clean the sink
  • Clear the drain
  • Clean the dishes
  • Clear and clean the countertops and cutting boards
  • Wipe and clean the stove and oven
  • Clean and splashes on the counter top and backsplash
  • Clean any immediate spills on the floor
  • Launder the dirty towels and linens, replace them with fresh ones

Bathroom needs to be cleaned on a daily basis as this space in a house is directly related to personal hygiene. Maintaining the cleanliness keeps many diseases at bay. Daily bathroom cleaning checklist should be as follows: 

  • Clear and clean the sink, try to keep the drain unclogged.
  • Use a moistened cloth to wipe the faucets and mirrors.
  • Wipe the toilet seat and rim of the bowl
  • Flush the toilet boil with a splash of toilet cleaner.
  • Use a dry cloth to clear the shower door from any stains
  • Spray the shower curtain and door with a daily cleanser to avoid the buildup of mold
  • Arrange the towel and toiletries so that the bathroom does not look cluttered

Bedrooms are meant to be kept clean for your mental as well as physical health. A cluttered, dirty bedroom is not comfortable place to rest in, after a hard day’s work. Maintaining the cleaning regime as per this checklist will make it an easier task to keep your bedroom clean and organized.

  • Make it a habit to make your bed every morning
  • Fold and hang clothes lying around and store them in respective places
  • Organize the magazine, cosmetics, jewelry lying around.
  • Straighten the night table and the dressing unit.
  • Regular wipe with a soft cloth will keep the dust and stain away from the mirror and glass surfaces.

Living Room and Dining Rooms need to be cleaned daily, as a major part of family gathering’s take place in these two units of the residence and thus tends to get more cluttered and dirty every day. Here is a checklist to get things done more easily:

  • Tidy the sofa, air the cushions.
  • Pick up the crumbs off the coffee table and dining table.
  • Remove any stain and spills off the table and floor Use a soft cloth to wipe off finger prints from the decors and polished surfaces.
  • Regular dusting will avoid stains on glass wares and metal wares.
  • Stash away toys, magazines, papers that are left lying about everyday
  • Straighten the chairs and make sure that the shelves look organized.

Try to involve the other members of your family into the daily cleaning regime. Regular cleaning is a habit by itself. If incepted in an inspiring way, by introducing reward points and other fun quotients it will certainly interest the children and turn the chore into a regular family event.