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Church cleaning checklist

Religious organizations are frequented by thousands of visitors every week. Apart from the visitors they also experience regular footfalls of the employees and the children who come there for education. To maintain the chastity and the sanctity of the church regular cleaning is essential. It is also needed to maintain the health standards of all those who reside in it. As churches generally comprise a huge area it is not possible to get it cleaned thoroughly every day. For a daily cleaning regime, dusting and mopping of floors is a must, so is the habit of kitchen and bathroom cleaning. It not only clears the indoor air but also reduces the weekly cleaning task.

For thorough cleaning segregate the tasks for weekly, monthly, bi-annual and annual cleaning. A checklist helps in getting the tasks well organized. It also helps in dividing the tasks among the people and make sure that every area is covered.

Here is a church cleaning checklist to help in reducing the volume of the task by dividing it over the year.


  • Dust and clean the walls
  • Dust and clean the lights and fixtures
  • Dust and clean the windows and window handles
  • Dust and clean the door and door knobs
  • Dust and clean the furniture
  • Mop and clean the floor
  • Clean and clear the lobby, sanctuary and nursery
  • Clean the bathroom floors
  • Clean and clear the kitchen as and when worked
  • Clean and clear dishes and cooking utensils
  • Clean and clear the church classrooms
  • Refill waters in dispensers
  • Water the garden and yard
  • Clear trash and replace liners in the cans


  • Dust and clean all visible surfaces
  • Vacuum clean the sanctuary, lobby and nursery
  • Tidy up all the literature, hymnals and Bible
  • Store away magazines and daily papers
  • Clean and clear the stage area
  • Clean the glass surfaces
  • Vacuum clean the carpets
  • Change sheets in the nursery
  • Disinfect the toys in the nursery
  • Empty all trash cans and change liners
  • Clean bathrooms thoroughly
  • Clean and disinfect the toilet bowls thoroughly
  • Clean and wipe the sinks and chrome fixtures and faucets
  • Wipe and clean the cabinets and drawers
  • Check and refill paper dispensers
  • Check and refill towel dispensers
  • Check and refill soap dispensers
  • Clean the kitchen countertops and backsplashes
  • Clean and mop the kitchen floor
  • Check and refill towels and soap dispensers
  • Sweep and clean the front and back sidewalk
  • Sweep the staircases
  • Sweep the front entrance


  • Clear and clean kitchen countertops and sink
  • Clean the faucets
  • Mop and clean tiles and vinyl floorings
  • Dust the window sills and clean window panes
  • Wipe and clean window blinds
  • Clear, clean and trim yards
  • Sweep and clean the porches
  • Check all the lighting and switches to see if any replacements are required
  • Check the garden and yard for any infestations Sweep the parking lots


  • Clear and clean the refrigerators thoroughly (empty drawers and shelves, ice box etc.)
  • Clean the dishwasher inside out, soap dispenser
  • Clean all the ceiling fans
  • Clean and clear all the cobwebs
  • Clean the pulpit
  • Check and replace the A/C filters
  • Weed the garden and check for any dried plants that need to be stored away for the season


  • Empty the kitchen cabinets and clean inside out
  • Restock the shelves
  • Restock the kitchen
  • Wipe and clean the switch plates
  • Wipe and clean all doors and door frames
  • Clear and clean gutters
  • Clean out and seed the garden areas


  • Clean the kitchen oven and stove tops thoroughly for grimes
  • Clean and clear the vent hood
  • Dust all the lighting fixtures
  • Clean all the air conditioners and vents
  • Clean and repaint front door if required