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Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Every household has a bathroom cleaning schedule. Usually smaller than the other rooms of a house, the bathrooms are easier to handle and clean if a regime is maintained. A clean and sparkling bathroom reflects the health and sanitary concern of the entire household.

Maintaining a clean bathroom also adds to the value of your property and reduce the cost of replacement and repair of sanitary equipment, plumbing materials as well as tiles and paints.

A routine clean-up is good enough, but often few things go unattended. Preparing a checklist and cleaning according to it ensures that every inch is attended and cleaned. All you need to do is check off as you clean.

To prepare a bathroom cleaning checklist prepare one for daily cleaning and another for a weekly deep cleaning. This will make both the tasks simpler. 

Here are two checklists to help you in bathroom cleaning. You can use them or alter according to your requirements.


  • Pick the dirty clothes and towels off the bathroom floor, store for laundry
  • Remove the bath mats and hang them to dry
  • Wipe the mirrors of the vanity and washbasin
  • Spray shower cleaner in the shower area
  • Scrub the bath tub to remove soap scum
  • Rinse the soap dispenser and tray from drips and residue
  • Spray the toilets with a cleaner and flush
  • Sweep and vacuum the floor
  • Empty trash and replace liner


  • Wash and clean the washbasin, you can use vinegar for deep cleaning
  • Wash the toothbrush holder and soap dispenser
  • Wash and wipe the faucets
  • Refill the soap dispenser
  • Clean the shower area- the tiles and grouts
  • Remove the shower liner and wash
  • Clean the glass partition
  • Scrub, deep clean and sanitize the bathtub
  • Scrub, clean and sanitize the toilet bowl as well as the underside
  • Wash and clean the bath mats
  • Wash and clean the wall tiles and back splash
  • Unclog the drain mouth
  • Pour vinegar down the pipes to unclog
  • Clean the doors and windows
  • Clean the mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Clean the air vents and exhaust fan
  • Empty trash and replace liner
  • Restock with clean towels


  • Clean the shower curtain rod, replace shower liner if necessary
  • Remove shower curtain and wash
  • Wipe and clean the towel rods and rings
  • Clean the shower head and remove scum
  • Treat the shower area to prevent mold growth
  • Dust the light, fixtures and switches
  • Wash and clean the window panes, tracks and ledges
  • Vacuum the air vents, air conditioners and exhaust fan
  • Vacuum clean the ceiling
  • Vacuum clean any window fabric and screen
  • Remove hair and debris from the drain mouth
  • Pour vinegar to unclog the sink and bathroom drain
  • Refill the deodorizer Replenish the toilet paper, napkins etc.
  • Wipe and clean the cabinets and drawers
  • Scrub and clean the floor, remove stains from the grouts

Hope you find the checklists useful and they help you maintain a happy and healthy home. For an intense annual cleaning call for a professional cleaner.