And what are the many services that our cleaners’ extend to our domestic or residential, commercial and industrial customers’? Well take a peek into the list of services we have and we are still adding more, varied and branched out services:

Strata Cleaning

Essentially, what really constitutes Strata Cleaning? Well, it is all about ensuring that the strata where you live or work is livable and inhabitable. Many a time, it is your responsibility and you are obligated to keep your Strata Cleaning or area clean and inviting. Therefore, to help you in this endeavour, you will need the help of an experienced cleaning services company like, B & R Cleaning Company Pty Ltd. And for a company like ours, which has been operational for about quarter of a decade, and has been serving Sydney and nearby suburbs successfully, Strata Cleaning is definitely one of our service highlights and our speciality too.

And in essence, the Strata Cleaning services B&R Company offers include:

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is a cumbersome, weighty task. Irrespective of the size of your workplace, the office will have furniture, equipment, fixtures, furnishings, and other paraphernalia. Therefore, for this a cleaning schedule has to be determined. Yes. To keep your office in a pristine condition, cleaning has to be undertaken and when the work is bestowed on our cleaning services company, B&R Company, then we do propose an Office Cleaning ritual or regular maintenance schedule that could be daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and of course, certain cleaning is done on a quarterly or even yearly basis.

As part of office cleaning services, we carry out:
  • Remove cobwebs from ceilings
  • Clean and polish all metal fixtures, trimmings, and furniture
  • Scrub, clean, mop floors as part of floor cleaning
  • Vacuum carpets and also steam clean carpets, when required
  • Clean bathrooms and toilet area
  • Clean sinks and faucets, air vents, and exhaust fans
  • Clean the lift area and stairwells
  • Empty trash regularly and keep it clean
  • Wipe and clean surfaces, furniture, and tables

Unburden your cleaning woes and rely on the office cleaning service offered by B&R Company today!

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